Friday, August 19, 2011

Cierra Wolfe & Keebler

Who is in the photo at right?

That’s me (Cierra) and my Australian Shepherd, Keebler. Keebler is six years old and is a show dog! He competes regularly in American Kennel Club conformation shows. His registered name is TwinCreeks Best Of EL Fudge and he currently holds a Rally Novice title and has 11 points with 2 majors towards a Championship title.

What's the occasion for Coffee with a Canine?

We actually just got home late last night from a show and slept in this morning. We just thought coffee sounded good this morning!

What's brewing?

We’re just having a good ol’ cuppa joe with a cookie dough coffee syrup mixed in. We just borrowed some Folgers from my dad!

Any treats for you or Keebler on this occasion?

I’m just having coffee, but Keebler is munching on a giant chocolate chip cookie. He loves cookies!

How were you and Keebler united?

I actually started showing our old farm dog Luke in a local 4-H club when I was ten years old. Through 4-H I was taught all about American Kennel Club dog shows and the opportunities you can receive through those dog shows. After much convincing to my parents, they decided to get me a purebred dog to show in AKC shows. We had met an Australian Shepherd breeder named Amy through 4-H who bred the most gorgeous dogs I had ever seen, so my mom and dad decided to purchase a dog from her. A few months later, Keebler was born. I went to see his litter when they were three days old and knew that Keebler was the one for me right away.

How did Keebler get his name? Any nicknames?

I was actually watching the Westminster Dog Show on TV on year and there was a Bernese Mountain Dog named Keebler. I loved Bernese Mountain Dogs and I loved that name, so it just kind of stuck with me!

Please tell us a bit about Keebler's show dog career.

Keebler’s career as a show dog has become a lifestyle for us. We took about three years off of the sport when I started college but we decided in April to go at it again and it has gone better than I ever expected! Our weekends off this summer have been very limited. Every weekend we pack up the car and drive typically about 3 – 4 hours to reach a show. Shows are usually 2 or 3 days long, but sometimes they are 4 or 5 days long. We do things a lot differently than a lot of others because not only do I fully own Keebler, I also do all of his grooming and handling in the ring by myself. We love it, though – we wouldn’t change anything about it!

What is Keebler's best quality?

Keebler’s best quality is definitely his personality. He is the sweetest dog I have ever met in my life. Whenever someone is sitting in a chair, he loves to give them hugs! He loves children and cats and other dogs. He is the biggest “people-lover” ever!

If Keebler could change one thing about you, what would it be?

He would probably want me to give him more cookies and his favorite honeycrunch chicken corndogs throughout the day. I try to give him some everyday, but I can’t give him a bunch, otherwise he’d be fat!

What is Keebler's proudest moment so far? His most embarrassing?

Keebler’s proudest moment actually happened just this past weekend at a show! We attended the Steel Valley Cluster in Canfield Ohio all four days and he was awarded Winners Dog on Friday and received 4 points towards his Championship! A dog receives points based on how many dogs they beat, and they have to receive two “majors” (3 or more points at once) in order to receive a Championship. Now he just needs four more points because he has both majors, and he’ll reach the total of 15 points and be labeled as a Champion! As far as his most embarrassing moment, he doesn’t really get embarrassed much. He’s a pretty happy dog. If I had to pick one for him, I think he gets embarrassed every time he is rolling around on my bed and rolls right off. He’s a good dog though – I wouldn’t trade him for the world!

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--Marshal Zeringue