Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Janet & Brandy

Who is in the photo at right?

Janet: I am the older sister [on the left in the photo], by four years, of Connie, co-creator of Modern Scottie Dog™ blog. I am a blogger and photographer, as my creative endeavors. Also love knitting. I grew up in Minneapolis, MN, and worked as a Manager in the non-profit field for over twenty-five years. I am currently working in the public sector in Behavioral Health in Ventura County, California.

Brandy: 8 year old Brindle male Scottie [photo below left].

What's the occasion for Coffee with a Canine?

I love coffee and I am one of those commuter coffee people. I also make time for a coffee break, a Starbucks Latte when I get a chance on my lunch breaks. I savor my weekends when I make my own lattes and hang out with Brandy drinking coffee on my bed with my sweet dog, surrounded by pillows. He usually sleeps and I get a chance to catch up my reading and blogging.

What's brewing?

I’m a Latte coffee lover with lots of steamed milk and either flavored blend strong coffees or a French Roast. Not picky, and buy Trader Joe blends. Make my own frothed milk with a touch of vanilla or cinnamon sugar to top it off. It’s all about Coffee!

Any treats for you or Brandy on this occasion?

Brandy doesn’t really like to eat until about 5 PM, when he eats half of his food. He then likes to have a night nosh at around 11 PM. I know, this is a bit odd, but it works for him! I’m a night owl and he seems to have adapted to our ways. During the day I give him either his favorite peanut butter treats or his small bite treats from Trader Joes. Otherwise he isn’t very interested in eating early in the morning.

How did Brandy get his name? Any aliases?

When we got Brandy, this was his name, and we didn’t want to change it. We don’t know the history of this. I usually call him a variety of nicknames, including, Best Dog Ever, Sweet Dog, My Boy, and Brandy Dog!

How were you and Brandy united?

I always loved my sister’s dog, Duffy, but never planned on getting a dog. Just by chance, my husband was searching Craigslist for something else and saw a random listing for a black Scottie needing a good home. It stated a quiet home where he could be the “king.” We decided to respond, and we didn’t hear back for a few days. I was giving up hope and couldn’t stop thinking about this dog. I just had a feeling, and I wasn’t even looking to get a dog at that time. Then we got the call to come and visit the next day, on a Saturday morning. We went to the home, and the people had all of his belongings packed up for us, waiting to go. We looked at each other and said, of course! His previous owner was an elderly man who raised him since a puppy, but passed away over a year ago. Brandy was living with the man’s children, in a home with several very large Labradors and was not coping well. The family was concerned that he seemed withdrawn and depressed. When we arrived, he ran away and cowered from us. We immediately settled him into our home, and our lives have been changed forever. We are totally in love with him, and he has become the King of the House! We think that we needed him as it turns out, and now we are giving him the best home ever for the sweetest Scottie Dog!

Please tell us about Modern Scottie Dog, and particularly about the Brandy's role in the California offices of MSD.

Brandy and Duffy [photo right] are our Canine Executive Officers and Advisors. They definitely serve as our daily inspiration, laughter, hopefulness and social connections! We started the Modern Scottie Dog as a way to connect with like-minded Scottie folks, with the hope of sharing the things we love, about Scotties and Dogs, but also including fashion, décor, art, culture, antiques and vintage, photography, and travel, for a few. I work in the capacity of Internet and social media work as does Connie, and it was perfectly suited to our skills and passions. And it is so much fun! We also wanted to share the creative experience of starting something together, even though we live in two separate states.

Does Brandy have a favorite place to go for an outing?

His daily walks in the neighborhood. An extremely slow walker and loves to smell everything, mark all the trees and bushes and prance around like he is the king of the neighborhood! He seems to live for his daily walks, at least 4x a day, and is friendly to all the people and dog walkers, including the toy dogs. Not so much big dogs! He loves to chase the birds and squirrels and can’t seem to figure out that he can’t climb!

Oddly enough, he never barks at anything. Only gets excited and breaths hard when he sees a bicyclist or a squirrel.

Who is Brandy's best local pet-pal?

He enjoys the small toy dogs, including his neighbor friend Dino. We discovered one Scottie in the neighborhood, a very large beautiful black Scottie named “McDuff” who Brandy really doesn’t have much to do with!

What is Brandy's best quality?

Sweetest dog ever! He truly found US, and rescued US, and changed our home because of him. He is healing for us, and we love him like crazy. He is very quiet, sensitive, needs his own space, extremely sensitive to others, and just the sweetest most adorable dog ever. He brings out the best in my husband and I, and we are so grateful for finding him. He is just a very quiet and peaceful dog, loves being petted, and loves hanging out with us.

If your Brandy could change one thing about you, what would it be?

To be as patient and as gentle as he is. To know intuitively what he needs and to demand that for himself. He seems to really know how to take care of himself. And to learn to savor the simple things in life, and the simple repetitive routines of daily life.

If Hollywood made a movie about your life in which Brandy could speak, which actor should do his voice?

Either Craig Ferguson, the late night talk show host, because he is Scottish. Or Billy Crystal, because he would be able to capture the personality of a Scottie, and with a New York accent too!

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--Marshal Zeringue

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