Thursday, December 20, 2012

The best dog books of 2012

Dorri Olds is a New York-based writer and web designer, ably assisted by her purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Buddy James.

At, she named ten of the best dog books of 2012, including:
What the Dog Ate by Jackie Bouchard

Maggie Baxter was a practical, rule-following accountant who is never surprised when Kona, her Black Labrador, swallows things, weird things. This isn’t Maggie’s first schlep to the vet after an inedible object got stuck in Kona’s gullet. After paying $800 for Kona’s surgery, Maggie learns that the culprit was a pair of skimpy, sexy, lavender thong undies—that weren’t hers. This is how Maggie discovers Dave, her husband of 17 years, is having an affair. Maggie falls into a wallowing pit and Kona becomes her only companion of choice. She finds herself watching Kona’s joyful approach to life and decides the time has come to do something. Maggie sets her mind to improving life, her attitude, and to letting go of her rigid, type-A personality. Author Bourchard writes in a natural, accessible style and Maggie is a profoundly appealing character that the reader roots for. Yes, it’s about a broken heart, but it’s also quite funny.
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Peter Abrahams & Pearl and Peter Abrahams and Audrey.

Teresa Rhyne & Seamus.
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