Friday, November 13, 2009

John & Sherry Petersik and Hamburger

Who is in the photo at right?

That's me (Sherry), my husband John and our three year old chihuahua affectionately named Hamburger (Burger for short). He's a strapping young pooch with a penchant for peanut butter and pretty much anything else that we accidentally drop on the floor. He's also the mascot behind our home improvement blog (Young House Love) and the mastermind behind his own pooch blog (Hamburger's House).

What's the occasion for Coffee with a Canine?

Sometimes we just need a break from all that computer time (and Burger needs a break from all that sleeping on my lap while I'm on the computer). Plus it's always nice to hold something warm on a crisp fall day like today.

What's brewing?

A warm chai tea. Nothing like it. Burger doesn't get any licks but he usually finds something delicious on the ground outside of the cafe so we're both happy campers.

Any goodies to go with the coffee?

Just the ones Burger locates on the ground (anything from biscotti crumbs to croutons).

Any treat for Burger on this occasion?

When we get home from long walks he usually gets a little organic dog treat for the effort. His favorites are the black bones which we've learned are charcoal flavored (they're said to soothe a wound up tummy).

How did Burger come to be united with you?

After weeks spent trying to rescue a little chihuahua/min-pin mix (and coming in second to some other lucky dog lover) we were crestfallen... but Burger came along and we snatched him up on the rebound. We learned of a short haired male chi in need of a home so we enthusiastically went to "just take a look" and of course ended up taking him home with us that day. John likes to remind me that he looked like a two pound saucer-eyed alien when we first brought him home but we both agree that he grew into his oversized ears and eyes. Now John thinks he's quite the handsome pup and I have to agree.

How did he get his name? Any aliases?

Years before we laid eyes on Burger we always thought Hamburger was a hysterical name for a pet. It just cracked us up. And when we saw that Burger had a spotty cow belly (it's literally hairless and brown and white like a calf) we knew it was the perfect name. The funny thing is that I started calling him Hammy for short until John helpfully suggested that we go with Burger since that's actually what people call a hamburger for short. Other nicknames include: Burgstrom, Burgsie, Burgmeister, Burgalicious, and The Burg.

What's an ordinary day like for Burger?

Sleep in til 1am, chase bugs outside, drink water after vigorous bug hunting expedition, sleep more, eat more, bark when dad comes home, play outside at dusk again, sleep more, eat more, lights out. And yes, he sleeps in our bed... lucky dog.

We've just passed Halloween. What's Burger's favorite costume?

He probably hates them all equally, but this year's hot dog costume [photo above left] was one of our personal favorites (because of the obvious hamburger/hot dog irony).

Your lovely house is surrounded by woods. Does Burger ever mix it up with squirrels, skunks, deer, or other wildlife?

He loves chasing (but never catching) squirrels and occasionally barks at a neighborhood cat from afar, but so far no run-ins with anything bigger (thank goodness).

What's Burger's best quality?

Definitely his snuggle-ability. He's just such a great cuddler and companion. I used to be lonely and bored working from home and having my little fur baby around has definitely made things more fun, interesting, and unpredictable.

What's Burger's proudest moment so far? His most embarrassing?

I'd say he has a proudest moment everyday. From barking at the mailman to catching some strange winged bug outside, he's quite taken with himself on a daily basis. As for most embarrassing, anytime we dress him up it's pretty much against his will and he's especially humiliated if we run into other dogs while out on a walk when he's wearing his Christmas sweater. He tucks his tail and everything. Poor guy.

more photos of Hamburger at his blog...and check out his videos, too.

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--Marshal Zeringue