Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Elizabeth Beasley & Queen

Who is in the photo at right?

I’m Elizabeth and I’m copywriter at Cartoon Network. I also perform with The Gorgeous Ladies of Comedy and teach improv for DuMore Improv. This is my next-door neighbor Queen. She’s a lady, of course, and I think she’s around 3 years old. Not sure of her royal lineage but I’ll bet there was a Rottweiler in her family tree.

What's the occasion for Coffee with a Canine?

I actually don’t drink coffee. But I stop by and visit with Queen every night when I get home. So it’s kind of an after-dinner “drink.”

Any goodies to go with the after-dinner visit?

I’m usually bringing leftovers from dinner out.

Any treat for Queen on this occasion?

Yep. She apparently likes Five Guys French fries as much as I do.

How did you meet Queen?

One day she just showed up in my neighbor’s back yard. He’s an old guy and has been through several dogs since I moved in 11 years ago. A friend of his gave him Queen and she’s been the sweetest of them all.

How did she get her name?

Wish I knew. I think she was named by her previous owner. It’s funny because she’s pretty tiny. More like a Princess.

Tennis ball, stick, frisbee...?

There is a pink plastic pig that I gave one of her predecessors and she still plays with it sometimes.

Cat, squirrel, postman, car...?

Crack head. I live in the ‘hood so lots of people wander by. She's good about letting the neighbors know when someone is on the prowl.

What's an ordinary day like for Queen?

Wake up. Lay in the corner of the fence. Run up and down the fence barking like crazy when someone walks by. Get scratched through the fence by the nice lady next door. Eat scraps that that old guy brings out every night. Sleep in the dog house. Repeat.

Who is Queen's best pet-pal?

Of course I’m gonna say me! She doesn’t ever get to leave the fence so no other dog friends except the ones that walk by.

What's Queen's best quality?

She always gets up and barks hello to me when I get out of my car at night. It’s nice, because my dog died from a brain tumor in 2008 and I really miss her. Bella was an awesome basset hound who would howl greetings to everyone. But Queen is a good surrogate, even if I only get to pet her through the fence.

Where's Queen's favorite place to go for a walk or run?

Up and down the fence. Over and over and over again.

Does she have any tricks?

You’d have to ask her pimp.

Elizabeth Beasley writes advertising copy for Cartoon Network, as well as humor articles for and Though her funniest writing tends to be the ambien-inspired text messages she sends her ex-boyfriends on a regular basis. And when she’s tired of typing, she performs with her improv troupe The Gorgeous Ladies of Comedy and works for DuMore Improv teaching folks how to use improvisation in business. Elizabeth uses her improv skills every single day. Especially when she has to explain to her boss why she took such a long lunch.

--Marshal Zeringue