Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Roxe Anne Peacock & Spike

Who is that in the photo at right?

Roxe Anne Peacock, an author with my first mystery, Leave No Trace being released by Whiskey Creek Press February 1, 2011 as an eBook and print.

With me is my best friend, a male pug named Spike. He turned eleven years old on February 14, 2011.

What’s the occasion for Coffee with a Canine?

Spike and I are going to celebrate our first mystery being released in February. We are finally done with this mystery and can move onto the next. He is tired of me reading the same story over and over.

What’s brewing?

We stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts to get my favorite cup of java, dark French roast.

Any goodies to go with the coffee?

I love the egg white turkey sausage flatbread sandwich and it is healthy for you.

Any treat for Spike?

I bring Spike’s favorite treat along on the trip to Dunkin’ Donuts: Beggin’ Littles-Bacon Flavor.

How were you and Spike united?

My daughters loved a popular musician who owned a pug. We looked around for a local breeder; so we thought. Later, I found out she was a puppy mill and kept most of the dogs in the basement. From the outside of the house, you wouldn’t think that would be true. We were looking at a larger pug at first until he pottied on the floor. Then there was this poor little cute guy who was still in the cage. We took him out of the cage and fell in love. He has slept with me every night since when I haven’t been away; which isn’t often.

How did Spike get his name? Any aliases?

My daughters named him after the Rugrats’ dog. We sometimes call him Spikey, Dog, Fat Boy and Old Man.

Does Spike have any influences on your writing?

A few years back I wrote a poem about Spike which was published in the Rockford Review. My mystery, Leave No Trace will be released February 1, 2011 as an eBook and print by Whiskey Creek Press. One of the reptiles in the book is named Spike. It is the cutest reptile of course. You can also find information out about the book at my website.

Does Spike dislike or chase any animals or humans?

Spike dislikes the pizza man. The only time he ever bit anyone was when my son-in-law tried to capture Spike before he got to the pizza man. He loves pizza! I guess he thinks the pizza man is trying to take the pizza away instead of bring it.

Does Spike have any favorite toys?

Spike has the two favorite toys he has had since day one. The first is a ragged old fuzzy horse with not much fur left on it. He brings it to us when he is happy; such as eating chicken or pizza. Now and then he rescues it from the corner where his toys are and gives it a bath. The other toy is a fuzzy yellow and green rat. He brings the rat as a second choice. We don’t allow guest dogs to play with Spike’s favorite two toys. He shares all the rest.

Where is Spike’s favorite place for an outing?

We live on five acres which Spike loves. He doesn’t care to go in the car any further than the post office which is about two miles away. Spike especially loves to visit every tree, the barn and bushes he can find in the morning to read his newspaper. He desires to know if the opossum, skunk, raccoons, cats, or coyotes have visited.

Who is Spike’s best pet-pal?

My daughter, Heather lived with us for awhile after college with her BUG; a Boston Terrier-Pug mix named Lola. Now Heather is married and Heather and Lola moved to their new home about an hour away. When they visit, Spike thinks Lola smells so pretty. His little tail just wags and he chases her around the house for about ten minutes.

What is Spike’s best quality?

Spike loves everyone; except the pizza man. He likes to share himself when company comes. He sits with everyone at one time or another.

What is Spike’s proudest moment?

Spike never barks at anything. The only time he barks is when company comes in the door and leaves. But now we have a new kitten who seems to rule the roost. The kitten named Simba May is declawed to protect the furniture and Spike. Simba blocks Spike from following me around the house and tried getting Spike’s food. I told Spike to bark at Simba and make her go away. Finally, Spike found out he could rule the roost and scare Simba with his bark. Now he never worries about sharing with her. Cats aren’t supposed to eat dog food anyway!

What is Spike’s most embarrassing moment?

Heather and I took Spike to a large pet costume contest at the Rockford Metro Centre a few years back. Spike loved all the other dogs; that is until he saw a pug. He thought the pug was the ugliest dog he’d ever seen and retreated with his tail drooping.

I hope you enjoyed your coffee with Spike and me. We are like two best buds; joined at the hip.

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--Marshal Zeringue