Friday, June 17, 2011

Lisa Begin-Kruysman & Hooper

Lisa, I recognize you and Hooper (in the photo at left) from when you were guests here last fall. What's brewing today?

Today we are enjoying a nice Kona Blend, whole bean. We've taken to grinding our beans, something we started when we inherited a machine that does the grinding and brewing. We are a little behind the times. Hooper got some leftover cereal and an organic treat I got at a dog fair.

What's the occasion for Coffee with a Canine this time around?

These busy days, I need all the energy I can "brew" up. Less than two weeks ago, I published a collection of six short stories as a Kindle e-book on Amazon and now I'm busy promoting it. Something's Lost and Must be Found tells six distinct stories about some special search and rescue dogs of the soul. It is under 26,000 words. The Title Story follows a mother as she struggles with one of life's greatest losses. Human Directional presents a young man as he discovers for himself the underside of the puppy mill world and The House of the Happy Dog (the longest) follows a Bouvier de Flandres named Simon as he searches for his Fourth and Truest Home. My adopted catchphrase is, "Sometimes it's not just the dog that's lost." I've been letting people know about it through the book's dedicated Facebook page and my blog and it's been doing nicely over in the Amazon rankings. I think its a short and engaging read, perfect for the summering reading season. I hope to have a softcover version available in the coming months.

When you were last here you were just about to celebrate Dog Fest there in Brick Township. How did the event go?

It was phenomenal. They will be having DogFest II on September 18th of this year, just in time for the 83rd observation of National Dog Week. We had great weather and big crowds ... the kids loved it! This year promises to be bigger and better. I've also reserved a display case in our town's library to fill with dog books to honor National Dog Week.

I read on your blog that you occasionally visit Florida. Does Hooper like it better there or at home in New Jersey?

Great question. We love the Keys and St. Augustine and our family goal is to spend more time there. I am so inspired to write when I'm there, I wrote two of those short stories on our visit in March. I've read that more best sellers have been written there than anywhere else! I sure hope that' true. And Hooper loves the dog-friendly beach and gets to do what a Portuguese water dog loves best, swim and run. She is not always great in warm climes, so she does seek the shade and cool spots. We also attended the second occurrence of WoofStock, another very successful dog-event in Islamorada in the Keys.

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--Marshal Zeringue