Monday, July 18, 2011

Megan & Booker

Who is in the photo at right?

Hi, I’m Megan! I have a blog called Greetings from Texas. And with me is Booker, a 4 year old Viszla/Beagle mix.

What's the occasion for Coffee with a Canine?

Work. Booker often sits with me while I work, write, and drink coffee. Sometimes he even gets on the computer himself.

What's brewing?

Dunkin Donuts. It’s unfortunately Dunkin Donuts from the grocery store. Houston doesn’t have any Dunkin Donut stores which is upsetting. I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage your many followers to open up a Dunkin Donuts store in Houston. I’ll commit to daily patronage right here, right now.

Any goodies to go with the coffee.

Not today, though a donut would totally hit the spot.

Any treat for Booker on this occasion?

A bone of course.

How were you and Booker united?

My husband and I spotted him at the Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago and took him home that day. Hands down, best decision of our lives!

What does Booker contribute to your blog?

Constant inspiration. The time he attacked the cable guy comes to mind. As does his Thundershirt.

How did you come up with Booker's name? Any aliases?

We adopted him with the name and liked it. It fits him. It’s unique and so is Booker.

Cat, squirrel, postman...?


Tennis ball, squeaky-toy, stick...?

Duck. Booker’s favorite toy is a duck. He usually goes through one a week as he chews them up into little pieces.

Where is Booker's favorite place for outings?

The dog park near our house.

Who are Booker's best pet-pals?

His cousins that live in Chicago; Henry, Macks, and Gus.

What is Booker's best quality?

He’s very sensitive. He takes it very hard when we have to leave the house without him.

Veterinarians and other animal experts would call this separation anxiety... I just say he’s sensitive. No need to label everything, right?

What is Booker's proudest moment? Most embarrassing?

This winter, on a particularly bitter day in Milwaukee, Booker peed in the parking garage of my parents’ high rise building. Apparently he couldn’t wait until we got outside. I was proud because it was freezing outside and had no desire to confront the cold.

Ironically, this was my mom’s most embarrassing moment with Booker - apparently dogs aren’t supposed to pee in the parking garage.

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--Marshal Zeringue