Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Barbara Techel & Frankie


From a 2009 Q & A with Barbara Techel, author of Frankie, the Walk ‘N Roll Dog, and her sweet dachshund, Frankie:
How did Frankie come to be united with you?

Well looking back I believe it was meant to be that Frankie became mine. I could not explain a good reason why I wanted a dachshund to my husband when he said, “Why do you want a wiener dog?” All I could say is, “I just do.” I bought Frankie from a breeder as a pup, after searching and searching for a red dachshund. They were hard to find where I live. Frankie was the last one left of the litter. I fell head over heels in love when I saw her promenade down the driveway. She was only the size of a guinea pig. After all we have been through, and knowing what I know now, I believe with all my heart she was meant to be mine.

How did Frankie get her name?

If you remember the song from the 1940’s, "Frankie and Johnnie" then you will know that Frankie in the song is a female. The song was also made into a movie by the same name. I just think it is a...[read on]
Learn more about Frankie and Barbara Techel at the Joyful Paws website and blog, and at Frankie's blog.

--Marshal Zeringue

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  1. Frankie is adorable! It's funny because the word for "daschund" in French (I live in France) is "teckel" which is almost the exact same as your last name. It was meant to be!

    I have a miniature pinscher/daschund mix and he's the centre of my world. And I dont think there is anything cuter than a short-haired doxie puppy :)