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CeliaSue Hecht & Cici

Who is in the photo at right?

Me: Celia Sue Hecht, who am I and what do I want to be when I grow up? Freelance Writer, Book & Newsletter Editor originally from NYC, now live in California... 25+ years exp. 40+ publications (newspapers & magazines). As a professional writer, I have written everything from poetry, five romantic travel guides and a dog travel guide to press releases that get published, feature articles for print and online media (published in national magazines including E magazine, Entrepreneur magazine, Parents magazine, O magazine, Real Simple and local and national newspapers) and a blog about my dog.

I have interviewed and worked with celebrities, traveled around the world, written and led transformational seminars and workshops, as well as promoted best-selling authors, books and seminars.

Cici is a 5 year old polka dot princess ... Dalmatian pit bull mix...

What's the occasion for Coffee with a Canine?

Take Your Foodie Ho Ho Ho Dog to Joe's Cafe Day.

Any treats for you or Cici on this occasion?

Egg nog and dog cookies...

Cookies... Cici loves Cookies... One time at a pet friendly winery, Cici found the dog treats, knocked them to the floor (plastic container) and demanded that she get some from the woman behind the counter.

Cici loves food/treats, especially anything edible, hot dogs, chicken, bacon, turkey, cheese, pizza... She occupies the bed and the house and basically eats everything edible that is not nailed down. Even eats at the doggie buffet (on the ground outside wherever she is).

Just did a survey and a few questions talked about owning a pet... excuse me, I don't own a pet, Cici owns me. Obviously. Pet parents who have rescued a dog or cat know what I am talking about.

How were you and Cici united?

Glad you asked. I was back in Vegas in January 2007. I was living in a house of a former landlord, and he asked me to take care of this dog. She was a pain, constantly showing off her belly and seeking my attention. The last pets I had had were cats and cats are not demanding attention all the time, so it was annoying. But then after a very short time, she grew on me. She was so sweet, loving and funny. She made me laugh a lot. And was just plain adorable and cuddly. So when I found out that he had gotten this dog for a gal with a homicidal maniac boyfriend, who had put the gal in the hospital numerous times and had put her in jail and that the dog was going to be put in the middle of this dangerous situation, I knew I had to do something. They were going to keep this dog tied up in a yard with other dogs and the maniac boyfriend would have access. No way! Since there is a known well-documented correlation between abusers of animals and people, I had to do something quickly so I rescued her!

How did Cici get her name? Any aliases?

I did not name her but the funny/ironic thing is that my first name is Celia (most of my life I've been called by my middle name Sue). Cici or Cece is a common nickname for people named Celia. So I figure it was kismet/fate. Cici and me. She is also known as the polka dot princess, cici bug, bubba, bug, piglet, and other names.

Does Cici make any contribution to your writing?

Cici is my muse. She is a constant source of inspiration for my writing. Everything that she does, eats, and is I use as grist for the mill. This includes anecdotes about our travels together including reviews of pet friendly or pet tolerant venues, products aka foods/treats, toys and other items that she likes or can live without (hah), her health, antics, relationships with other dogs aka her boyfriends, her breed, and more are played with.

Does Cici have a favorite place to go for walk?

She prefers the park one block away. It is unfenced and she likes to visit the neighbors yard that is adjacent. She also gets to sniff her boyfriend Pablo (a very handsome Aussie shepherd, 6 years old) through the fence when he is out in his yard (not often enough). And she can roll around on the grass, dig in the sand box and lick the kids playing there.

Squirrel, postman, cat...?

All good for chasing, kissing/licking... although she does have major cat issues so keep her away from them. The cats usually outsmart her anyway. Her other boyfriend Milo lives with cats. One of them was on the roof of their house the other day. Cici wanted to play with Milo but became conflicted when she saw the cat. How could she get on the roof? She has tried to climb trees to get to cats. She stalks lizards, too. Anyone who comes to the door is fair game for a welcoming kiss and wagging tail.

Squeaky-toy, ball, stick...?

Cici is not big on toys. She likes the squeaky ones to tear them apart and take the squeaky and stuffing out of them. And kong-type toys filled with treats will get some attention, too.

What is Cici's best quality?

She is adorable and makes people smile/laugh. She really knows how to use her cuteness for maximum advantage (heart warmer).

If Cici could change one thing about you, what would it be?

She'd prefer if I would feed her all day long and take her to the park more.

What's Cici's proudest moment?

Being asked to model a product specifically because she is a pit bull mix (what a great ambassadog for her breed). Good dog.

If Cici could answer only one question in English, what would you ask her?

Is there anything else besides food that you live for?

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--Marshal Zeringue

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