Monday, October 29, 2012

Iris Anthony & Larry

Who is in the photo at right?

I’m Iris Anthony, author of the historical novel The Ruins of Lace. Hanging out on the couch with me is Larry the Cuddle Pug. He was rescued from a shelter last summer, so his age is uncertain, but I think 5 years is a good guess.

What's the occasion for Coffee with a Canine?

Larry and I have coffee every day. I start writing about ten in the morning and by then my initial caffeine fix has worn off. I usually sip a shot of espresso as I turn the computer on and get to work. Larry’s bed is underneath my desk, so he keeps me company.

What's brewing?

A shot of Starbucks French Roast. I’m from the Pacific Northwest and when I was going to school at the University of Washington, there were only two Starbucks in the entire world, both of them in Seattle. Starbucks truly is my local coffee shop.

Any treats for you or Larry on this occasion?

Yes! An ice cube – or two if he’s looking extra cute. Larry has a gluten allergy so his diet is limited. For a while he tolerated baby carrots, but he’s been reacting to those lately as well.

How did Larry get his name? Any aliases?

He definitely knew his name when he was adopted and it fits his face and his personality, so there was really no need to change it. I call him Larold, though, when he gets in trouble. He doesn’t really look like a Lawrence but I can’t legitimately call him Harold either, so Larold has turned out to be a good compromise.

How were you and your dog united?

I first saw Larry on the internet last summer and it was love at first sight.

How does Larry contribute to your writing?

Larry keeps me on task. In the cooler months, he sits in my lap and sleeps as I write at my desk (which has the added benefit of keeping me warm). I hate to have to wake him up which usually keeps me in my chair and writing until noon. After a break for lunch (and more ice cubes) we go back to work until mid-afternoon. I have to say he’s lousy at research though. I do my research reading on a couch in the living room and more than once his snores and deep breathing have put me to sleep.

Who is Larry's best pet-pal?

Larry’s a bit shy around other dogs, although he loves people. There’s a little Yorkipoo next door that would love to be friends. I’m hopeful that with a little more time and a little less exuberance on the Yorkipoo’s part they’ll become the best of friends.

Does your dog have any non-canine pet-pals?

Larry has two human neighbors across the street that he adores. One has a knack for picking out just the right dog toys and the other has the gift of knowing exactly how to pet him. Larry also has a favorite stuffed rabbit toy. When he’s not busy trying to chew off Bunny’s tail, he takes great care in grooming it the same way he grooms himself. He also needs Bunny to sleep. If he trots off to bed without his toy, he soon comes back in search of it.

Squirrel, cat, postman...?

Larry’s a little cock-eyed so he doesn’t see very well. The neighborhood has a large number of squirrels, rabbits, and even several foxes, but I don’t think he’s ever noticed any of them.

The postman is a good friend, though.

What is Larry's best quality?

He makes everyone who comes by feel special and not in an obsequious sort of way. He’s just very endearing.

If Larry could change one thing about you, what would it be?

He would make me share my pillow with him. (Not happening, buddy!)

If Hollywood made a movie about your life in which Larry could speak, which actor should do his voice?

Rick Moranis. See what I mean about Lawrence? Rick Moranis could never be a Lawrence.

If Larry could answer only one question in English, what would you ask him?

How did you end up at the shelter?

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--Marshal Zeringue

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  1. It's so nice to meet you, Larry & Iris. Mom (Renee) grew up in the Pacific Northwest and remembers getting chunks of chocolate from the original Starbucks in Pike Place Market! Wonderful to learn about your book, too, Iris.

    Keep on wagging,
    Tootsie & Renee