Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tricia Stohr-Hunt & Sydney


Back in 2009 University of Richmond teacher educator Tricia Stohr-Hunt and Sydney, her doberman-terrier mix, were guests here on the blog.

From their Q & A:
How did Sydney come to be united with you?

We'd been living in Richmond for more than three years, but I'd refused to get a dog while we lived in an apartment. During spring break 1997 my husband and I went to the local shelter. The day we went was cold and rainy and there was no heat in the kennels. The poor dogs were all crying and shivering. I saw a puppy that was sitting up, wagging her tail, and licking folks through the bars. I was immediately smitten. She only had one day left before she was due to be euthanized, so we took her home right then and there. (BTW, I'm happy to report that our local SPCA no longer puts dogs down.)

How did Sydney get her name?

She came to us with the name Honey, but we couldn't see calling her that, so we...[read on]
Read the complete interview.

--Marshal Zeringue

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