Monday, August 19, 2013

Jenn Nixon & Sammy, Lucy, and Zsa Zsa

Who is in the photo at right?

Hi, I’m Jenn Nixon! I write an infertility blog called Tricky and Peep, which humorously chronicles my bumpy journey to parenthood.

In this picture, I am with my three beagles: Sammy (9) is in the cart, with Lucy (3) and Zsa Zsa (6) are by my side. We are actually getting ready to visit Bass Pro Shop: did you know they let dogs shop in their store? Hounds are a prized breed so the beagles get a lot of attention when we visit. People normally ask if they are good hunters. Ha! Only in the kitchen.

What's the occasion for Coffee with a Canine?

My husband, Brad, and I were both home so we thought we would wrangle the puppies up for a trip to Dunkin Donuts. They love going to any place with a drive-thru!

What's brewing?

I love their iced coffee, two equals with less cream.

[photo left: Lucy and Zsa Zsa, placing their orders]

Any treats for you or your dogs on this occasion?

Of course! The only reason the beagles love Dunkin Donuts is for the glazed Munchkins.

How did your dogs get their names? Any nicknames?

Samantha and Zsa Zsa came with their names, but Lucy was “Patti” when we adopted her which didn’t seem to fit so we changed it.

As for nicknames, Samantha has so many different ones as she has been with us the longest: Sam, Sammy, Sammy from Miami, Poops McGoops (no idea where we came up with that!). Zsa Zsa only has one, since she is our newest addition: Zsa Zee, while Lucy’s nickname is Lu Lu.

How were you and your dogs united?

Sammy was only a year old when we adopted her in 2005 from another couple who wanted to give her up, because they were expecting a second child.

We adopted both Zsa Zsa and Lucy this year from the Richmond Animal League. Our beagle, Kaitlyn, had passed away in March; we knew we would never replace her but we wanted to give another dog a good home. That’s when we met Lucy.

[photo right: Lucy and Sammy, waiting in the drive-thru]

Zsa Zsa was actually at the adoption center when Lucy was there, but we weren’t planning on having three dogs. Well, five months later we saw that she still hadn’t been adopted, so we decided to expand the pack and bring her home.

Where do your dogs most like to visit on an outing?

Anywhere! They are not picky about their adventures, especially if a treat is involved.

Are you dogs more help or hindrance to keeping up your blog?

Very helpful. They nap while I write; it works for both of us.

Do the dogs have any non-canine pet pals?

They love both of my sisters and especially my Mom, because she lets them lick the plates when we come over for dinner. My Mother-in-Law has babysat them many times; she always has treats in her purse and gives lots of kisses so they enjoy her visits.

[photo left: Zsa Zsa]

Squirrel, cat, postman...?

Lucy likes squirrels, Sammy and Zsa Zsa prefer cats.

Squeaky toy, ball, stick...?

They have a basket full of stuffed animals they like to rummage through when it’s time to play.

What is each dog's best quality?

Lucy is the first dog I have ever had that loves to snuggle. Zsa Zsa is incredibly smart, she learns tricks easily and she can even hug! Sammy is quiet, she never says much but when she does, you know it’s important.

If your dogs could change one thing about you, what would it be?

That I would have the desire to feed them more people food.

[photo right: Lucy and Sammy]

If Hollywood made a movie about your life in which your dogs could speak, which actors should do their voices?

I don’t think anyone would be able to do it like we do! Brad and I created voices for each of the beagles -- doesn’t everyone talk for their pets?

If your dogs could answer only one question in English, what would you ask them?

What was your life like before we found each other?

Visit Jenn Nixon's Tricky and Peep blog.

--Marshal Zeringue

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  1. Love your Beagles, they all have such sweet distinct faces. Beagles as such wonderful dogs.