Monday, August 8, 2016

Ashley LaMar & Tebow and Wilkins

Who is in the photo at right?

​That's me and my two dogs at Fresh 2 Order in Midtown Atlanta. I'm Ashley LaMar, a writer (Technical Writer, Blogger, and Novelist). My sidekicks are Tebow and Wilkins. Tebow is a 6-year-old male chihuahua and Wilkins is a 3-year old male chiweenie (that's a chihuahua/dachshund mix).

What's the occasion for Coffee with a Canine?

​When we first moved to Atlanta we lived in Midtown​ and the city sights and noises scared my dogs (we were from a small town) so I took every opportunity to take them out and explore a little bit farther each week to get them comfortable. This photo was taken during our first trip to Fresh 2 Order. They have a dog-friendly patio (most places in Atlanta are pretty dog-friendly) so I grabbed a coffee and a cupcake while we hung out and greeted new people and listened to the sounds of the city.

What's brewing?

I indulged in a vanilla latte although I can't drink coffee super hot so I always have to wait about 15 minutes while it cools down just a little bit. The boys had water.

Any treats for you or your dogs on this occasion?

But of course! I had a mini caramel cupcake and the boys had peanut butter biscuits. No complaints.

How were you and Tebow and Wilkins united?

My husband had Tebow before I met him so when we were married I just suddenly became a dog owner. After about a year together we thought we should expand the pack so we scoped out different local rescues and that's when we discovered Wilkins. He was 7 weeks old and living in a local doggie foster home recovering from some abuse he'd suffered in a previous location. We brought him home a week after meeting him and he's been a great addition.

How did your dogs get their names? Any aliases?

They are named after athletes we admire - Tim Tebow and Dominique Wilkins. They don't really have any nicknames, we like their names as-is.

Do your dogs have a role at your publishing company?

Office cuddlers and stress-relievers! They say that pet owners have less stress and anxiety than non-pet owners​ so I'll go with that. Both dogs are very affectionate so it's nice to take a break sometimes and just love on them.

Cat, postman, squirrel...?

​Birds mostly. I'm not sure why birds set my dogs off so much but they do. They don't mind cats, squirrels, chipmunks, or any people but if they see a bird they will go completely crazy. Weird little dogs.​
​​Ball, squeaky-toy, stick...?

​Rope and socks. ​They love to play tug-o'-war more than any other game so anything they can sink their teeth in to and pull is what they want. In fact, Tebow has learned that "toy" means ball, stuffed hedgehog, etc but "rope" is a very specific red and white rope toy.

​​Do Tebow and Wilkins have a special pet-pal?

​Just each other.

​​What is each dog's best quality?

​Tebow is very gentle. Chihuahua's have​ reputation of being annoying yappy little dogs with semi-aggressive personalities but that's not the case with Tebow. He's a very gentle sweet dog although he does tend to be a loner. Wilkins on the other hand is a love-machine. All he wants is to be on your lap, in your face, receiving constant love and attention.

If your dogs could change one thing about about Georgians, what would it be?

​Hmmm, well, Tebow would probably ask that everyone knock it off with the Tim Tebow jokes. They get old after a while. Wilkins would ask that Georgia pass a law that requires that everyone carry dog treats in their pockets at all times and give them to him on sight. He'll do anything for a treat.​

If your dogs could answer only one question in English, what would you ask them?

Omg...I'd ask Tebow if he prefers to sleep in his crate alone or in a shared crate with Wilkins. I swear, he's never happy. He definitely likes to sleep in his crate but sometimes he cries when he's alone and Wilkins is in his own crate. Other times he's cries if Wilkins is in there with him. I'd tell him to make up his mind already. As for Wilkins, I'd ask him why he will eat apple slices from my hand but not out of his own bowl. It's a weird trait and I hate holding the apple while he eats it.

If Hollywood made a movie about your life in which Tebow and Wilkins could speak, who should voice them?

Tebow would absolutely have to be voiced by Sean Connery! Ever since he was a puppy that's the voice we've given him when we imagine him talking. It's probably an odd pick but that's just what we imagine with him. Wilkins is the tough call but I'd probably pick a kid like Jacob Tremblay. Wilkins is just a hyperactive little child.

What advice would your dogs give if asked?

​Tebow would tell you to cherish your alone time because it's hard to come by while Wilkins would tell you to never miss the opportunity to tell someone you love them.​

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--Marshal Zeringue

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  1. Good advice. We've lost several members of the Funny Farmers over the years and we know how quickly the opportunity to say "I love you" disappears. And alone time? Oh, yes! We enjoy those precious few moments.