Thursday, September 8, 2016

Kristen Jackson & Bruno

Who is in the photo at right?

Hello! My name is Kristen Jackson and I am a Stage Manager on the North American tour of Newsies as well as the creator of The Touring Yorkie, a travel website with an emphasis on pet travel. My dog is Bruno, a male Yorkie who we guess is 5 years old.

What's the occasion for Coffee with a Canine?

I’m in LA with Newsies right now and decided to check out The Pie Hole, a sweet and savory pie shop with a coffee bar. I worked 80 hours last week so Bruno and I are spending the whole day together.

What's brewing?

Nitro Iced Coffee - I usually go for a soy latte but decided to try out this new coffee. It came out of a tap like a beer!

Any treats for you or Bruno on this occasion?

Strawberry lavender hand pie - it’s like a grown up pop tart.

How were you and Bruno united?

I’ve been dreaming of getting a dog for awhile and decided that having a traveling companion would make the road less lonely. My husband’s former roommate had a Yorkie we loved so we decided that would be a good breed for travel due to its size and temperament. We found him on Petfinder in January where he was fostered through the Randolph County Humane Society outside of St. Louis. He’s easy going and loves exploring new areas so it’s the perfect fit.

How did your dog get his name? Any aliases?

Bruno’s foster mom actually gave him his name. He had another name but was in a family with an abusive father. The kids were taken away and so was Bruno and the rescue didn't know his real name. We decided to keep Bruno so he wouldn’t get confused with all the new names. Aside from Bruno, we also called him Bug.

Readers can check out your blog, The Touring Yorkie, for travel insights. Care to share one or two of the more important tips?

It’s entirely possible to travel with your pet. I actually find that I see more because of him. We’re constantly going on walks, exploring new areas, and going down side streets to see what we can find. Plus, the pictures of Bruno in different cities is fun too!

Cat, postman, squirrel...?

Any kind of bird. It’s funny watching Bruno run after a goose that’s twice his size!

Ball, squeaky-toy, stick…?

Surprisingly, he doesn’t like any toys. But he is treat obsessed!

Who is Bruno's best pet-pal?

Bruno makes friends everywhere he goes. He’s curious about every dog he meets on the street - no matter the size. We also try to take him to daycare on my long days so he makes lots of friends there too.

What is Bruno's best quality?

Bruno’s laid back attitude. We can throw any situation at him and he goes with the flow. This has made traveling him on airplanes and living in new hotel rooms every week extremely easy.

Where is Bruno's favorite outdoor destination?

He might only be 8 pounds, but he loves to hike. We had a great time in Denver going on long hikes in the mountains.

If Bruno could change one thing about your traveling companions, what would it be?

I’m sure Bruno wishes I worked less. This last week has been tough but my husband is on the road with me right now and able to watch him all day. But Bruno is definitely bonded with me and wishes he could be with me all day.

If Bruno could answer only one question in English, what would you ask him?

I’d want to know about his past. He was extremely shy and fearful in the beginning and has completely blossomed since then. We’ve taught him that he’s safe now and we will always take care of him. I’m just curious what his life was like before.

If Hollywood made a movie about your life in which Bruno could speak, who should voice him?

Bruno is such a grumpy old man sometimes. I could see someone like Robert De Niro voicing him.

What advice would Bruno give if asked?

I’d tell him to trust us. He will always be safe, get fed, get taken out and is our #1 priority.

Visit The Touring Yorkie website.

--Marshal Zeringue

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  1. Bruno is an adorable little purse sized pup! Wishing him all the best with his new & kind fur-mily.