Friday, April 23, 2010

Diego & Gracie

Who is that in the photo at right?

That's Gracie, world's greatest goldendoodle, and Diego, student, guitarist, and soccer player.

What's the occasion for Coffee with a Canine?

We are taking a breaking from playing out in the snow. (Editor's note: Obviously the photo at right was taken a couple of months after this interview.)

Did you have any treat with your hot chocolate? Did Gracie get a special treat?

My parents used to send Gracie away during meals but for some reason, come coffee time she gets to hang around. She knows I'll give her part of my cookie. Gracie does not have to speak for us to know what she says. She says she is happy. She's not big on the Frat and Sorority parties on the nearby campus where my dad works. You don't have to drink in order to enjoy life. This is what she says.

If Gracie could have coffee, what kind would she have?

If Gracie could have coffee would have a Grande skinny latte with an extra shot but with cinnamon and topped with extra whipped cream. A skinny latte for her figure, because she is concerned for it.

(My mom would say she would like a vanilla bean frappuccino.)

How did Gracie come to join your household?

Mom wanted a dog and so did my sister and I, but my dad is allergic to dander. He said that we could get a dog if it was a dander-free dog. So the rest of my family and I started our research and eventually came up with a breed called a goldendoodle: half retriever, half poodle. We went to this breeder and thought that this was the one, the second smallest out of the two that were left in the litter. We brought her back a few weeks later and named her Gracie. She has been the best dog and the perfect fit for our family.

I've heard that your sister is the one that came up with the name Gracie. Did you have any other ideas for a name?

Rose, Clover, and Zoe were the three other candidates for the name picking.

You are known for your skill with a soccer ball. If you took ten penalty kicks, and Gracie was the goalie, how many would she block?

Well, she would probably try to get the heck out of the way once she realized what was going on. She catches on fast! But not many in my case ... hahaha!

If your dad took ten penalty kicks, how many would Gracie block?

Same answer. Gracie would flee, but in the attempt she would probably block about 4 out of 10.

Would Gracie rather chase the mailman, a rabbit, or the little girl next door?

Some dogs would definitely chase the little girl next door but our Gracie wouldn't hurt a fly. She would most definitely chase a rabbit ... but only to play. (My mom says she would chase the mailman, but only to get the treats he brings her on a regular basis.)

What do you love most about Gracie?

That is sooo tough because Gracie is great in so many aspects. I think I would choose her disposition because when you meet her, she won’t leave you alone until you start petting her!

I hear Gracie has some health issues. What is her malady?

Gracie has elbow dysplasia. It makes me extremely sad to watch her limp. She has a fantastic attitude about life despite her condition.

If Gracie could change anything about you, what would it be?

I think Gracie would demand decent food instead of that uneatable "cardboard" that you buy at Wal-Mart.

Second, Gracie would ask for more plush couches with double stuffing so that she could tear it out while we are at school and work.

And third, for her to decide when she takes a bath. In my perspective, those are the three wishes Gracie has.

--Marshal Zeringue