Friday, April 30, 2010

Eliana & Gracie

Who is that in the photo at right?

That's Gracie the goldendoodle. I'm Eliana, student, swimmer, and beginner flutist.

What's the occasion for Coffee with a Canine?

We're actually having hot chocolate, because it's Gracie's favorite. I like hot chocolate too, especially from our local coffee shop. Yum.

Did you have any treat with your hot chocolate? Did Gracie get a special treat?

Yes, I had a sugar cookie with all this sugar on top in the shape of a Christmas tree and Gracie had a doggy treat with a special design on it with pieces of hot dog in the middle (she wishes!).

I've heard you gave Gracie her name. What was your inspiration?

Well, I named her Gracie Rose because I read it in a very cute book. When my parents told us that we might get a puppy and that we should be thinking of names, I remembered that book.

What's so special about Gracie's collar?

It's so cute! It has purple and pink polka dots, and matches her fur coat and personality. She doesn't have polka dotted fur, though.

Where is Gracie's favorite place to sleep?

She normally sleeps on the couch and keeps it all warm. She has two couches - one is blue, the other red and blue. She's very good at keeping it warm.

What's Gracie's favorite ice cream flavor?

I would say vanilla. My dad says Oreo. But I also think it could be peanut butter.

What's Gracie's favorite color?

I would say black, white, or red, because dogs can't see colors. But I once asked her if red was her favorite color and she nodded her head.

Which of Barbie's dogs is Gracie most like?

Barbie (as in Barbie doll) has two dogs - Squeaky and Tinka. Gracie's most like Tinka because Tinka is very ladylike. Gracie always crosses her paws like a lady when she lies down.

What is Gracie's favorite toy?

Her favorite toy is either her monkey or her raccoon, both without the stuffing. She also had a sheep that she really loved to pieces ... really... to pieces.

What dog from film or fiction most reminds you of Gracie?

Air Bud is a movie that reminds me of Gracie. If you toss a balloon into the air, Gracie will poke it with her nose into the air, just like the dog in Air Bud, who did it with a basketball. We don't have a basketball for Gracie to play with - it might hurt her nose - but we do have soccer balls.

Who is Gracie's best pet-pal?

Gracie has two buddies: Tank and Bingo. Tank is a little smaller than Gracie, and Bingo is about 10 times smaller but the same age. Surprisingly Gracie doesn't ever hurt Bingo despite their size difference.

What are Gracie's jobs?

Cleaning the dishes and warming the couch. She loves to clean the silverware by licking it.

What is Gracie's most embarrassing moment?

Gracie got a really, really short hair cut this past summer to keep her cool, and she thought everyone was staring at her. That was really embarrassing!

--Marshal Zeringue