Monday, December 13, 2010

Samantha Daley & Rugby

Who is in the photo at right?

That's me, Samantha Daley, and my dog Rugby. I am a full time student at UMBC, majoring in biochemistry. I am also an apprentice at Applewoods Dog Training.

Rugby is a two-year-old Maltese. His full name is Mister Rugby Sevens CDX RN.

What's the occasion for Coffee with a Canine?

We were taking an early morning training trip to Sunset Park. We brought along Diesel the German Shepherd too. Rugby is showing him the ropes.

What's brewing?

No coffee for us, we stopped on the way for some hot chocolate instead!

Any goodies to go with the beverage?

Nope. Just hot chocolate, a couple of smart dogs and a successful training session!

Any treat for Rugby on this occasion?

SAND! The playgrounds at this park have sand as the footing and Rugby loves to run and dig there! He had a blast tearing around in the sand.

How were you and Rugby united?

I bought Rugby from a breeder in Alabama at 12 weeks old. I took a day and flew down to Alabama and back. His breeder met me at the airport with Rugby and a couple of his favorite toys!

How did Rugby get his name? Any aliases?

Rugby was a suggestion from a friend. We thought it suited him well - cute but still tough! No nicknames, or second identities for Rugby. He does respond to Rugs, Ruggers, and 'Hey You.'

Cat, squirrel, postman...?

None of the above. The squirrels don't even run when they see Rugby anymore. A couple of the mean ones will hiss and throw stuff at him.

Tennis ball, squeaky-toy, stick...?

Yes, yes and yes. He is most attached to his stuffed toys, but sticks and tennis balls will do in a bind.

Rugby seems to have quite a few costumes: which is his favorite?

I think Rugby enjoyed his Panda costume the most. It was worn like a jacket, so it was comfy and warm for Halloween. The Killer Whale is a close second, but it didn't fit as well.

Where is Rugby's favorite place for an outing?

Applewoods Dog Training for sure! He goes lots of places with me, but going to training is his favorite since all his friends are there.

Who is Rugby's best pet-pal?

Cabot! Named after the cheese, Cabot is a smooth, black and tan Brussels Griffon. They are close in age so they had lots of bonding time when they were both puppies.

If Rugby could change one thing about you, what would it be?

Rugby would change my busy schedule so that I could spend all day fussing over him.

What is Rugby's proudest moment? His most embarrassing?

Rugby's proudest moment was being the Highest Scoring Dog at the American Maltese Association's National Specialty this year. He loved being the center of attention, and that everyone clapped after every exercise!

Most embarrassing would be back when he was a puppy. I snuck him into one of my classes and one of the chairs moving put him on the alert - he barked! Luckily the class was being taught by a teaching assistant that day. She did stop the class to inquire about the dog in the room. OOPS! We apologized, but she didn't mind and said he was cute. I'm glad those puppy days are behind us!

Visit Rugby's website.

--Marshal Zeringue