Friday, September 2, 2011

Gerry Bartlett & Jet

Gerry Bartlett, in the photo at right I recognize you and Jet from the last time you appeared here on the blog.

Back then you were drinking diet soda and eating a fruit and granola bar, and Jet was enjoying Liv-a-Snaps treats. What's new, and what are feasting on today in celebration of your latest Glory St. Clair, Real Vampires book?

Jet and I are very happy that I have a new book out—Real Vampires Don’t Wear Size Six. It hit the bestseller list at Barnes & Nobles and earned him a bag of new chews. He’s eating it inside since it’s been over a hundred degrees outside every day for the last few weeks. He’s sticking close to me these days since I went on a two-week vacation and left him at home with only his Aunt Jackie for company. Yes, she spoils him, but he was not happy that I wasn’t here for him. He knocked over the plant by the front door and the day before I came home he did something disgraceful to the Oriental rug in my hall. Bad dog!

Glory has a canine bodyguard/shapeshifter named Valdez: does he figure prominently in the new book?

Valdez was my main character Glory’s dog, a shape-shifter, for the beginning of my series but now he’s shifted back into human form and has become one of her love interests. Yes, that’s a big change. I have some regrets about making that happen. Rafael Valdez was a great comic character as long as he was her doggie sidekick. Now he’s an intense Latin lover type. Still faithful, but macho. What can I say? Our dogs are much easier to handle. Right, Jet? Oops, he’s heading for the hall rug again.

If Jet could change one thing about you, what would it be?

If Jet could change one thing about me, it would be to make me stay home more. Between my shopping for my antiques business and my love of travel, I’m not sticking around the house much these days. He really likes it when I am chained to the computer. But with my netbook handy, I can write anywhere. If he wasn’t such a fast runner and a nervous pup, I could take him with me more places, but he’s too big and actually uneasy around strangers. Luckily I do have an elderly aunt who likes to keep an eye on him when I’m gone.

Finally, I think Jet would like everyone who reads this to know that he was a rescue dog. Yep, a lady who raised him from a pup had to give him up because of her illness. He landed in a loving home. He was lucky. He hopes that anyone who needs a pet will look at a shelter before they buy an animal. He’s a purebred whippet with papers, fixed of course, but that’s okay. He’s come to terms with it. He just hates to think of all those dogs and cats out there who need homes and might be, gulp, euthanized. Okay, off the soapbox now.

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--Marshal Zeringue