Friday, October 22, 2010

Jessica Dee Rohm & Daisy

Who is that in the photo at right?

My name is Jessica Dee Rohm. I am an author of three novels, including Make Me an Offer and the newly released Sugar Tower - both of which prominently feature those wonder creatures of the universe, dogs!

Sugar Tower, easy to acquire in print or Kindle download at Amazon, is a mystery featuring a female sleuth and her side-kick, a Jack Russell terrier named Kitty. A dog-walker extraordinaire, Gloria Yap, rounds out the trio.

My real life side-kick, the Jack Russell terrier pictured here, is named Daisy. She is six years old and believes she is a six month old Rottweiler. I know this not only by the way she behaves but she frequently laments about how misunderstood she is by the world due to her compact size during our regular coffee hours, where we sometimes watch Frazier (her favorite show...she calls Eddie the George Clooney of dog-stars), but usually bare our souls (never our teeth) to each other.

What's the occasion for Coffee with a Canine?

While we often share a bowl of java, today was special. We were determined to finally settle on what percentage of the royalties from Sugar Tower we would get to keep and what percentage we would donate to the ASPCA. Of course Daisy is lobbying for all the royalties to be donated to those poor pups in need but I am trying to impress upon her that although President Obama keeps insisting that inflation is tame, the prices of dog food and coffee are going nowhere but up!

What's brewing?

As many coffee lovers know, there are two types of coffee beans. Coffea arabica, and the 'robusta' form of the hardier Coffea canephora. Now, of course, Daisy and I only drink coffee brewed from the cane (Latin for dog) phora bean. We blend our own super-frothy drink that we have coined our own name for: cappuccino-rabido!

Any goodies to go with the coffee?

Daisy is just crazy for my Milkbone Muffins. Your readers can leave a message on my website for the recipe and I will email it to them. If I get enough requests I will post it on my Facebook fan page and my website. I don't indulge...watching my weight.

Any treat for Daisy on this occasion?

Don't tell Daisy's father...but I gave her a tablespoon of freshly ground peanut butter from Whole Foods to eat with her muffin.

How were you and Daisy united?

On our human daughter's birthday six years ago we went to NYC to see the musical Wicked. We passed a pet shop and fell in love with Daisy. For those readers who are anti-pet shop, our other pets Nike, a 14-year-old Lab, Naomi and Lucy, 10-year-old cats, were all adopted from shelters. Anyway, our human daughter said if we bought the little Jack, she wouldn't go to boarding school. Long story short - she went anyway and Daisy became our "empty-nest" dog.

How did Daisy get her name? Does she have any aliases?

I wanted to name her Kitty, being a writer and devotee of irony, but the family out-voted me. So I named her fictional persona in Sugar Tower Kitty instead.

Does Daisy have any influence on your writing?

She is muse, entertainer, and companion.

Cat, squirrel, postman...?

Daisy has a psychological problem and confuses bicyclists for squirrels, thus taking off after them in hot pursuit. We have to keep her on a short leash.

Frisbee, squeaky-toy, stick...?

Alas, humans are her sole playthings.

Who are Daisy's best pet-pals?

Daisy's best pals are Chester, an English spaniel, and her brother, Nike, an ancient black Lab [pictured at left].

If you could change one thing about Daisy, what would it be?

That she would stop burying her chicken cacciatore behind my bed pillow.

What is Daisy's best quality?

She never yaps.

What is Daisy's proudest moment?

When she climbed all the way up the Santa Fe ski mountain to Totemoff's Tavern.

Her most embarrassing?

When we had to carry her down.

Read about Sugar Tower, and learn more about the book and author at Jessica Dee Rohm's website and Facebook page.

--Marshal Zeringue